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The Theory of Chaos: was it a premonition of the visual artist Francis Arroyo?

By José Manuel Rosario

More than a year and a half ago the Spanish artist Arroyo Ceballos started to

compulsively create a series of paintings and sculptures that he includes in a work

entitled “The Theory of Chaos”.

There are many professionals who have alluded to this series, which is based in the idea

and representation of the recent turbulent social movements and which, as the author

points out, rely on the human struggle to stand out in a world ruled by the economy and

the disagreements between social classes.

We are really impressed by the fact that the work that Arroyo has exhibited over the last

year and a half can be easily related to or even resembles the structure of the virus that

is currently subjugating us.

We can observe a clear example of this chaos that is rife within our society in the last

exhibition in which this artist has participated: “Islas del Mediodía” by the group of Spanish artists Córdoba Contemporánea.

The paintings and sculptures that this series comprises were close to reproducing one of the current demons of our society.

¿Was there a premonition in the work of this Spanish artist?

Be as it may, the closeness not only of structures but of the whole social chaos process

that he introduces to us is clear enough; and it focuses on the idea of the obsessive and

necessary task that Arroyo has carried out in creating this series of works and doing so

by always being faithful to his minimalist and symbolic abstract style, using a mixed

technique on wool; which is his usual “material discovery” and which he applies to

every piece.

We have been organizing this article/documentary about his last work that is included in

this same series and that is entitled “Apocalypse” for some time now; around three

months (therefore when we started there weren’t any clear references to Coronavirus

and the turbulent socio-economic changes that lay ahead of us). This work clearly

shows that Arroyo Ceballos is interested in reflecting social changes or movements, as

well as his stance on that subject and the pessimism before the situation, represented by

the mass of material and the grayish shades.

Such work implies the maximum degree of dedication by the author, because it

demands both time and arduousness, as it is composed of over 3500 pieces that have

been created and arranged one by one over the last three months.

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