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Maite Ciurana

Participation in National and International Fairs and Exhibitions: Amsterdam, Spain (Asturias, Córdoba, León, Madrid, Marbella, Valencia), Hong Kong, Italy, London, Luxembourg and New York.

Coming soon: Paris International Art Fair (September 2022) and Innsbruck/Austria-(October 2022).

Maite Ciurana and The Study of Light

It is well known that throughout the history of art one of the most faithful obsessions of creators from anywhere on the planet has focused on the representation or expression of light, in the entire process that involves investigating its transversality. according to plan and its use as a doctrinal element in the complex and purest transmitting space, postulating it as a certainly fundamental element in any type of style or artistic variant.

It is clear that this research process is very evident in the work of Maite Ciurana, in all her creative development, reaching its maximum splendor in her methacrylate sculptures in which she herself opts for a combined fusion of light and color.

The tonal intensity marks character and line in all her work, matching the rhythm or spatial fluctuation of the plane in each work, an abstract expressionism of open field although far from the hardness of the line in order to provoke a more poetic background, an opening lyricism of the emotional , where feeling and emotion make up the clearest part to be transmitted, the foundation and pillar of her work.

The taste for the representation of what is natural in the environment that surrounds us is also very evident in her work. A living, non-conformist nature makes its way marking the path of expression and feeling of the artist in which elements such as water and sky, the floral or an ecstasy of nature such as a volcano are grouped to give meaning and concept, to present the importance of it in the inner life of the same author.

A subtle and elegant movement determines each piece beyond themes and tonalities, a forceful taste for aesthetics that determines the general composition and transports the viewer to imaginary worlds in which the calm sensation of peace is not at odds with the forceful use of movement. acrylic.

There is no doubt that it is in this sense that Maite Ciurana opens her soul to us, proposing to delve into it and live the enjoyment of senses and emotions that at every step, or rather, at every glance, transport us to the beautiful and necessary moment that supposes a consensual sensation of relaxation.

Francisco Arroyo Ceballos

De la Asoc. Internacional de Críticos de Arte AICA

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